Faith & Spirituality

5 Best TED Talks about Faith, Religion, and Humanity

Whether it is for inspiration or spiritual enlightenment, these TED Talks provide fascinating and thought-provoking insights to reflect on.

AJ Jacobs: My Year of Living Biblically

For someone who sees his life “as a series of experiments”, author AJ Jacobs does exactly that. In this fun and thought-provoking talk, he shares his experiences as he tried to live following every biblical rule for a year. A fascinating talk that will make you think about the rules and teachings of the Bible, the way they are interpreted, and their impact to those who live by them.

Alain de Botton: Atheism 2.0

Religion and atheism may seem like an unlikely mix. But in this video, Alain de Botton talks about Atheism 2.0 or a “religion for atheists” that aims to make the most of customs and traditions that promote connection with others. Atheist or not, this talk offers insightful takes on people’s innate need for human connection and how atheists can make the most of some of the rituals and practices religions tend to follow.

His Holiness Pope Francis: Why the only future worth building includes everyone

His Holiness Pope Francis’ sends a message of hope for what the future may bring. He talks about how everyone can be a source of hope and be of help to each other.

Karen Armstrong: My Wish: The Charter for Compassion

In this inspiring and heartwarming talk, Karen Armstrong calls on the religious to practice more compassion. She shares how religion can unite instead of divide people and why being compassionate can help brings people together.

Lesley Hazleton: The Doubt Essential to Faith

Biographer Lesley Hazleton talks about the importance of doubt in faith. And how, absolute beliefs may lead to the kind of fundamentalism that excludes or looks down upon other people’s faith.